A woman’s watches guide for every occasion

A watch is more than just a time-telling device. Depending on what kind of watch you choose, you can underline your elegance, self-esteem as well as your personal style. Follow my guide to find the ultimate watch for every occasion.


The watch industry is finally catering women’s wishes

The watch industry has been through quite a change during the last couple of years. For a long time, it had been mainly male dominated with a huge range of choices for men compared to a tiny range of choices for women, which mostly consisted of smaller-sized men watches. Nowadays, the industry has started to cater to female needs as women become increasingly wary of watches as an accessory that doesn’t have to be clumsy and masculine.  Emerging brands offer and value a broad selection of watches combining of function and fashion. Therefore, the number of stylish women’s watches is now as high as the number of fashion trends. With this variety, choosing the right watch has become increasingly difficult. On the plus side, this now allows to choose a watch according to the occasion. No matter if going to work, having a casual lunch, or a fancy dinner or party: There is fitting watch for every moment of life.


Women’s watches - different shapes, functions, colours, materials & prices

Today, when looking for a watch, you have thousands of watches to choose from. With a variety so big, making a decision can be tough. However, there are some basic rules to follow when choosing a watch.   First, the shape. In general, watches mostly have a round form no matter if men or women’s watches. But over the years, some designers and brands also came up with other shapes, such as square, oval, and even triangle forms. For most occasions, classic round or square watches are most suited. If you experiment with a special shape, be sure that it fits the mood of the rest of your outfit – here, sometimes less is more. Still, a crazy watch on a reserved outfit can make an astonishing eye-catcher. The second factor to consider is the size of the watch. Watches are available in every size: From exceedingly small to almost men-sized, the size of the dial should depend mostly on the size of your wrist – As a rule of thumb, the smaller the wrist, the smaller the watch. For most occasions, the perfect dial size is considered roughly two thirds the width of your wrist. Keep in mind, that a smaller watch tends to look more reserved, while a bigger watch can draw more attention. The third factor is the colour of the watch, which has a big effect on the overall look it gives to a person, hence making it an important point to consider. No matter if it’s a golden watch, whereas there are different shades of gold like rose gold or white gold, a platinum watch, or if the wristband is out of leader or latex material, the range of possibilities is almost infinite. Here it makes sense to consider one’s wardrobe for defining which colour matches best. Since colour is very personal and can even affect one’s mood, it’s surely something to consider well when buying a watch. As a rule of thumb, golden-, silver-, black- and brown watches and straps are mostly considered formal and elegant, while colourful watches usually intend a more sportive or playful look. A further point to consider is whether to buy quartz or a mechanical watch. While mechanical watches are what we know traditionally, they might lose time and are not as precise as quartz watches. So, the question to ask here is what is more important to oneself: Tradition and craftsmanship or practicability and reliability.


Choosing a watch for the occasion

Next to criteria like shape, size, price, colour, and function a big point when choosing your watch is the occasion you intend to wear it to. Is your focus on the function or do you see the watch more as an accessory? So, buying a watch to achieve a certain look or to even enhance the effect of a certain outfit makes perfect sense. Because it is difficult to generalize, I will provide you with some of my personal thoughts on the different kind of occasions and what I look for when getting dressed for them.


A regular day at the office

Usually, when going to the office, I’m looking to achieve a smart, comfortable but still stylish look. Of course, this depends on the field one is working in – the style might vary a bit, but in general, I am not looking for something too shiny or glamourous. Thus, I tend to rely on so-called classic or fashion watches for this occasion. Overall, both are not too extravagant and do not show off. Classic watches are mostly highly functional and kept simple, often with classic and solid designs and styles. Fashion watches, on the other hand, are as well-kept simple but have a bit more of a twist to them and are usually more extravagant. My go-to watch for the office is the Flyers Black Marble: Due to its light-coloured bracelet it has the perfect amount of understatement but still ads the right amount of boldness and self-esteem with its dark dial.  

Private leisure time

When I’m spending private leisure time with family and friends there is more space for individuality and freedom of style. This is the time I have the possibility to play with more colour and add a bit of extra to the game. Still, the watch should not be impractical or too delicate. Depending on the brand classic and fashion watches can be a good choice here as well, but so-called jewellery watches are an option as well for this occasion. Why not go with a dark dial but a golden bracelet this time? With the Black Marble, the boldness of the dark dial is still given, but the overall appearance is even more enhanced by the golden shimmer of the bracelet.

An Evening out

An evening out is the best occasion for me to get dressed up and make myself shine. This is the time I am looking to go over the top. When choosing a watch, it is important to consider, that it should not outshine my outfit, but make a suitable addition. I don’t recommend, to wear a watch that attracts all the attention and lets the rest of the outfit fade away. Therefore, choosing a watch with a light dial might be a good idea. Also, gold always suits an elegant and festive occasion without being over the top. To add a little extravagancy, I like to play with the pattern of the dial and so add that certain touch to the whole outfit and look. As an example, look at the difference between Golden Lines and Golden Trigram:

In the end, whether it is an elaborate or a minimalistic one, a women's watch always adds to the look of the woman wearing it and helps create her distinct and unique style.

A woman’s watches guide for every occasion